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Two paintings I’ve recently finished, painted in a print style by tracing the original drawing onto a masking taped board with each particular colour area cut out, and then acrylic paint applied using a toothbrush. Acrylic on wood, 42cm x 29,7cm.

If anyone should be interested in purchasing one of these paintings, they are 150euros plus postage, and packaging, please email me on

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Franz Bubblekopf, Berlin Alexanderplatz



Acrylic, painted paper collage. 42cmx 29,7cm.

My pictures, and paintings are now on Saatchi online here

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Four butterflies, and a cornflower


Acrylic painting on wood, and newspaper. 40cm x 30cm.

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How they’re made

HPIM6294 HPIM6302 HPIM6305 HPIM6312 HPIM6315 HPIM6320 HPIM6322 HPIM6337

I have always been influenced by how artists like Ingre, and Rubens used the glazing method of oil painting (building up layers of thinned oil paint), whereas they used red for the under painting for their skin tones, I use it to create more depth in my water paintings.

20160524_093635 20160524_093643 20160526_161704 irmgard

With the ‘fishinberlin’ collages I first make a sketch which I use as a template to cut out the acrylic painted paper for the finished collage.

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Willy, und Berthold, Der Friedhofsruhe, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


Acrylic painted paper collage, 42cm x 29,5cm.

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back to the roots (volkspark friedrichshain)


acrylic painted paper collage. 42cm x 29,7cm.

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the pheonix fish in Berlin


acrylic painted paper collage, 42cm x 27,5cm.

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